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The Traditional Pembroke Table

A generous storage drawer and two fold-down leaves make this table a handsome addition in any Living Room or Bedroom.


Here We Go: Start by studying the plan drawings. They contain all the information you need to build this great little table. Everything in these plans is there to help you - the smallest mark, the least dimension - review them all very carefully. Remember that an old, “Master Woodworker” once offered this formula: Of the total time required to build this or any project, 60% should be invested in studying and planning your approach...10% in sharpening and setting-up your tools...10% in making your cuts and fitting everything together...and the last 20% in final sanding and applying your finish.

Only one kind of specialized hardware is required for the table...the drop-leaf hinges. We used two pairs of Stanley 1-1/4" table hinges (Stanley item # 46-330), which we ordered through a woodworking supply catalog. All other hardware came from a local Home Center.

1. Create the glue joints that will hold the pieces of the top together. We used the Shopsmith Glue Joint Shaper Cutter to make the cuts for this joint. We recommend this joint because it consists of a unitized, self-aligning spline/groove combination that dramatically increases the amount of gluing surface. As a result, you get an incredibly strong joint, once assembled.

Fig.1 Cutting Glue Edge

When shaping these joints, remember to set your MARK V Work Table at waist-height or a little lower for optimum workpiece control and be sure your Shaper Cutters are sharp before you get started.

Your rough top, once assembled should be 36" x 19". This will give you plenty of stock to dress up the edges and cut the special drop-leaf joint.

Alternative Procedure: As an alternative, you could also use the Shopsmith Molder Set-Up with the Molding Glue Joint Cutter to create these joints.

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